Causes Of The Truman Doctrine

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As definition of doctrine, a government policy, especially in the international relations in the world, the Truman Doctrine had the purpose to ensure the peaceful between the nations and contain the communism. The Truman Doctrine also was willing to help people by giving economic aid, weapons, or military aid to maintain their institutions and national integrity against movements that wanted impose totalitarian regimes over those nations threatened by communism. Truman states that, those regimes represented a threat to the national security of the United States, and to the international peace. The Truman Doctrine achieved great results, such as, countries joined to military alliances and contain the communism. In other words, one could say…show more content…
North Vietnam was under the threat of Communism, and South Vietnam was anti-communism with the U.S. help. The Vietnam War started with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, when a Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked U.S. destroyers. Therefore, United States sent more and more troops to Vietnam, getting involved in the war and began bombing raids in 1965. United States had a theory, “The Domino Theory” if a country falls in communism, the others will falls as well. And this theory began to happen with the attacks to Laos and Cambodia, and then, both fell. The Tet Offensive was several attacks by North Vietnam throughout South Vietnam and therefore, it played an important role in the Vietnam War. Another thing was that the economic aid failed, and this made South Vietnamese Government unstable. In other words, the communism was not contained, adding that the press coverage exposed many government's lies such as, United States had no interest in helping South Vietnam, United States had only interest in political maneuvers. John F. Kennedy had plans to overthrow the South Vietnamese leader and one more known like United States knew that Vietnam was a war they could not win, but that did not care and they joined anyway. Thus, the Truman Doctrine did not work in…show more content…
Korea was divided in two, the north was communism and the south was non.communis as Vietnam was. United States helped South Vietnam and during the war U.S. crossed the 38th parallel, and began to push North Korea to Republic of China. China afraid, sent troops and they attacked U.S. forces. Finally, in 1953 a peace treaty was signed and ended the Korean War. Although in Vietnam the Truman Doctrine did not work, in this battle, United States supported South Korea with military aid and achieved contain the communism, even though Korea was divided by two sides, therefore, the borders were
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