Causes Of Thunderstorms

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THUNDERSTORMS-Mother Natures unhealthiest weather condition!
How Thunderstorms affects the human body
A thunderstorm is only considered a thunderstorm when lightning is present.
These storms can play an important role in physical pain and mental suffering.
Lightning is made from cold air and warm air inside a cloud that meets. The warm air has water droplets that goes to the top of the cloud and the cold air has ice crystals goes to the bottom of the cloud. When a storm forms the droplets and crystals hit each other and it separates the air and the two parts hitting each other makes a static electrical charge in the cloud and forms a lightning bolt.
Thunder; one following the other. Thunder is air pressure that expands and contracts quickly in a cloud by lightning. When the air gets heated it makes the sound of thunder.

It's deadly and if you get struck by lightning there is always some permanent damage to the body!

1. Static electricity-We all know that if you rub a negative atom to a positive together you get static electricity and you get shocked, such as rubbing your hand back and forth on a rug. Watch it! Anything you touch you will get shocked!
Lightning is considered static electricity in a thunderstorm. When the heat and cold meet it causes a static electricity spark, as it is a positive and negative charge meeting each other.
So, how will you know if a lightning strike is near you? The hair

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