Causes Of Vietnamese Refugees

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A little under fifty years ago, there was a sudden increase in Vietnamese refugees. In order to save their independence and lives, immigrating to another country was the only option for these people. Throughout their time in California, an area dominated by Asian refugees, they have found ways to practice their traditional culture thousand of miles away. However, the difficulty in assimilating to a new culture was a hurdle they needed to fight. With this in mind, the Vietnamese community constructed business such as: salons, markets, and restaurants. A band of refugees who were originally exiled, steadily adapted to their new home in which they flourished by innovating the Vietnamese culture with American life. The emergence of the Vietnamese people can be traced to the fifth or sixth millennium B.C. The Vietnamese or Kinh ethnic group was formed in a region that is now northern Vietnam and southern China, which is the main ethnic group in the country, accounting for about eighty six percent of the Vietnamese population. Modern day Vietnam was established through French colonialism which led to an outburst of problems between the French and Vietnam. When the French left Vietnam in 1954, numerous Vietnamese people migrated to France. North Vietnam began a policy to forcefully reconcile the country with South Vietnam. However, conflict arose which introduced America to fight against Vietnam in the 1960s. As a result of the division between North and South Vietnam, nearly

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