Causes Of Violence Against Women

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Violence against women was first acknowledged as a violation of fundamental human rights at the 1993 World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna. Violence against women cuts across religion, culture, race, class and geographical boundaries. Violence against women consist equally in every society, it is increasing and spreading like virus. It is so despite the fact that Islam gave women, considerable rights for the first time in the world. Among the important right to the women given by Islam is divorce. It is within the tenets of Islam to annul the marriage which has gone wrong, as different from Hindus. Islam and Holy Prophet through his teaching and actions gave women respectable position in the family and society at large.
1.6.21. High Sexual Expectations/Health Problem:
Lack of patience towards each other if one partner has sexual deficiency or hifg sexual expectations is another reason for marital breakdown. If husband/wife is physically or mentally incapable of performing his marital duties or denies his wife the position of honor, according to Islam he/she can obtain divorce.
1.6.22. Walwar/Swara:
Walwar is a practice prevalent in Balochistan which encourages the selling of girls in marriage. This type of marriage is also practicing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in which girls are sold off bartered to rival parties to settle disputes.
1.6.23. Social Change/Career Orientation:
Women have reached to a higher level of education in the last decades. They do not longer

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