Causes and Effects of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Essay

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“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” (“JFK’s”). This encouraging quote was given by a man who literally shot for the stars all the way up until the day he was shot down. While being the youngest and first Roman Catholic president, John F. Kennedy always motivated and encouraged America to strive for the best. Until a horrible silence struck the American people, he was removed from society in 1963. There were many believed causes regarding Kennedy’s death. There is the belief that Oswald shot him as a lone gun man. There are also other theories that state that there could have been more than one gun man. Some people even …show more content…

Other sources believe differently. Oswald had a Soviet wife, and the United States was not exactly friendly with the Russians at the time (“Kennedy Assassinated”). Some believe that he could have killed Kennedy because of his Soviet beliefs (Bradford). It is hard to justify Oswald’s reasoning to murdering Kennedy because before he could properly answer this question, he was already dead. However, other sources believe that Oswald was not a lone gunman. It has been noticed that eight out of ten Americans believe there was more than one gunman. ("Kennedy Assassination")
It was believed in the “Oswald lone shooting” theory that he shot one bullet. From educated background knowledge about rifles, the rifle believed to be used in the assassination might have been accurate enough to get the job done, but at the angle and height it would have been almost impossible to make the shot. That bullet was believed to have traveled from the sixth floor of the book depository on a downward slant. It had to be timed perfectly considering the target was moving at fourteen miles an hour. While this seems like a hard shot to make already, the bullet entered Kennedy's back and then moved upward on an apparent ricochet, out his throat and into John Connelly’s chest, where it created seven wounds all together (“JFK Assassination”). “There is no way that one bullet was shot. In the video Kennedy moves more than once” (Bradford). Many people have doubted the one bullet

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