Causes of World War I Essay

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Throughout history, there have been several conflicts that have disturbed the peace in various areas. One of these gruesome events happens to be World War I, which was evoked by many different causes. The most significant and immediate causes of this catastrophe was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. Numerous nations were involved in this war, and two examples of opposing forces are Germany and Russia. World War I was resolved to an extent with the Treaty of Versailles, but it was not entirely settled. This is clear because World War II was a result of World War I.

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife was definitely the most significant cause of the calamity that is World War I. Franz …show more content…

On the other hand, Serbia was allied with Russia, who was ready for war. Soon after, Germany declared war on Russia, and on France, which was Russia’s ally. Then, Germany invaded Belgium as a commencement to invading France. As a result, Great Britain declared war on Germany. This chain of events began World War I, or the Great War as it was known at the time. Ultimately this war involved Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, the United States, Germany, Austria- Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

Germany, along with several other countries, had reasons for involvement in the war. Like all of the other countries, nationalism was a strong factor in entering the war. That sentiment made it easier to convince people to fight. During the spring of 1914, great enthusiasm existed throughout Europe, including Germany. Austria- Hungary was also the traditional ally of Germany, so when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, Germany must have felt obligated to help. In addition, the Kaiser hoped that the war would put the public behind the monarchy, preventing the rise of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Germany was part of the Triple Alliance, which was an alliance made up of Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy during World War I. During the war, just as all of the other countries, Germany suffered. World War I was nothing to be enthusiastic for. With a total loss of over two million

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