All Quiet On The Western Front

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1. Three causes of World War 1, are as follows.
a. The assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist is probably the most immediate cause of World War 1. When Ferdinand was assassinated, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, who had an alliance with Russia. When Russia began to mobilize its troops to protect Serbia from Austria-Hungary, Germany, (who was allied with Austria-Hungary) declared war on Russia. In turn, France, allied with Russia, joined the war against Germany. When Germany attacked France through Belgium, it drew Britain, allied with France and Belgium, into the war against Germany. After a while, other countries joined the war, such as the United States fighting for the allies.

b. There was an increasing amount of tension is Europe as Britain and Germany were competing to build up their military power. More and more money was spent on defense, and more and more money was put into their militaries. France and Germany had both doubled their military power the decades leading up to WW1.Britain and Germany were also competing for the strongest navy.
Some governments were heavily influenced by their militaries. Because of this, some military commanders had a lot of governmental power, and along with drawing up plans of attack against other countries, they would suggest military action to solve diplomatic problems. Overall, these actions went towards…

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