All Quiet On The Western Front

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1. Three causes of World War 1, are as follows.
a. The assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist is probably the most immediate cause of World War 1. When Ferdinand was assassinated, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, who had an alliance with Russia. When Russia began to mobilize its troops to protect Serbia from Austria-Hungary, Germany, (who was allied with Austria-Hungary) declared war on Russia. In turn, France, allied with Russia, joined the war against Germany. When Germany attacked France through Belgium, it drew Britain, allied with France and Belgium, into the war against Germany. After a while, other countries
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a. Germany’s death toll was about 1.7 million people killed (actual number may vary, depending on if you account for the number of people who went missing or were taken as prisoners). Their total number of casualties, including people wounded and missing, was 7.1 million people.
b. France’s death toll was 1.3 million people killed. Their total number of casualties was 6.1 million deaths.
c. Russia’s death toll was 1.7 million people. Their total number of casualties was 9.1 million deaths.

3. There were many new weapons first used in WW1.
a. The Roth-Steyr M07 is known to be the first self-loading pistol that was used by a major military power.
b. The Mauser T-Gewehr was an anti-tank rifle, the first of its kind, created by Germany late in the war to combat against British and French tanks.
c. You could probably consider early farming vehicles as the precursor to the tanks used in WW1. Certain farming machines used internal combustion engines and caterpillar tracks to be able to cross muddy terrain. The British military still relied on cavalry, and so many officers were against tanks, although during WW1 trench warfare rendered cavalry useless. When there was fighting in the mud, cavalry could not do much, which led to the adoption of tanks, which performed well in mud. Armored vehicles, made for normal terrain, existed at this time, but were also rendered unusable due to the trenches.

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