Celebration Of Nations : A Festival

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Celebration of nations is a festival that goes on every year in Rolla Missouri. This event involves a parade with flags representing more than 80 nations. This is an all day event. It celebrates different cultures and the whole community gets involved. The university, Missouri S&T is this host of this event. At the end of the parade there is always an announcer that explains the main purpose for the festival and welcomes each flag. They do this festival because several students from different nations attend the university. With this being a college town, this gives the community an opportunity to get involved and notice the students representing a different nation. “Getting involved in the Celebration of Nations event is not only easy, but also very rewarding. Whether you are an American or international student, a member of the faculty or staff at S&T, or a resident of the larger Rolla community, everyone is welcome to join the festivities” (Missouri S&T). This event is free. The community gets to listen to different types of music from different live band and hear different instruments. They also have the chance to try different foods and learn about different cultures. There are always authentic displays too. “You’ll also find beautiful and affordable crafts and delicious international treats, meals and drinks you can buy” (Missouri S&T, p.2). Families are able to bring their passports and get them stamped for free. It is like being at several different
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