Cell Phone While Driving

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Using a phone while driving happens a lot today and it shouldn’t. The problem with being on the phone while driving has been around for awhile but it gets to be a greater problem every year. It’s a very big deal with teens because teens depend on their phone a lot. It’s also a problem with adults as well, but it’s more of a problem with teenagers. Responding to a text or answering a phone is not worth losing our life or someone else’s life. It can wait. If we think it’s an emergency phone call or text then we can park our car somewhere or pull on the side of the road to answer it. Cell phones should be able to be in our vehicle without going on it while driving, a lot of accidents are caused due to people being on their phone and driving. There has been a lot of crashes due to the driver coming in contact with their phone while driving just this year. ¨According to NSC's website, there have been an estimated 245,358 car crashes involving drivers using cellphones so far this year.¨ These deaths could be the person that was actually on the phone or they could have killed someone else. If the person who was on the phone while driving survives but kills someone else, they have to live with the fact that they caused someone to die just because their text or phone call couldn’t wait. “¨The data collected on accidents and fatalities caused by cell phone use on the road is said to be under-reported due to the lack of drivers willing to admit to using their phones.¨ When someone
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