Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Have you ever wondered what would the world resemble in the event that we didn 't have any cell phones? Why is it that we get out of our comfort zone when we do not have access to our phones? Nowadays, cell phones have such a noteworthy effect on our day to day lives, and we owe it to the advancement of technology. In this research paper, we will take a closer look at this phenomenon by examining the evolution of cell phone devices, and it’s effects on society. Cell phones, as we know them haven’t been around for that long. The quick progression of the item and development has enormously influenced the regular daily existence in the general public eye today. It 's implementation has been genuinely quick considering that mobile phones were inexistent a quarter century ago. The first phone was made by Alexander Graham Bell. According to an article, ' 'This brought upon a major change in communication and gave leeway to the improvement of the telephone in the days to come ' '(Bellis, 2013b). Later, Martin Cooper, a researcher at Motorola invented the DynaTAC or ‘’brick phones.’’ According to a popular article ‘’ DynaTAC is a series of cellular telephones manufactured by Motorola, Inc. from 1984 to 1994.’’The phone was huge, and weighted kilograms, that is most likely why it was called brick. Gina Smith, writer and publisher at A New Domain, states ‘’The iconic phone, weighing in at a kilogram at least, was a beast by today’s standards. Your phone probably weighs less than

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