Write An Essay On Censorship In Schools

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Modern culture and all throughout time books have majorly impacted civilizations across the world with their influential and thought- provoking words and content known in schools. Opinions have spur the intellect of the young creating many of the revolutionaries we have come to love and praise. Literature has been an important aspect of human life. It is the way we keep records of past events and it is the process in which we convey our feelings through pen and paper. The practice of burning books has long stopped but everyday there are new paperbacks being challenged and taken off shelves in schools or public libraries deemed too inappropriate to showcase to children decided by a group of people. A multitudinous of men and women have come to regard government as some sort of liberator for censoring what they consider incorrect, while others view it as a corrupt system that supports the idea of keeping the eyes of the world shut to the truth and blinded to mankind’s past and present mistakes. Censorship has always been prevalent, it has let a small crowd of people dictate what the masses can or can’t see as well as what they can and can’t read in schools. It is the suppression of speech: the careful evaluation of each and every book and the censoring of unacceptable parts. Censorship has been one of the world’s most controversial topics. It has been around since before 399 BCE and has affected societies in one way or another. There are different forms of implementing

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