Censorship In Farenheit 451

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During the time period of this novel, the culture and images being pushed upon people depicts relationships of no complexity or affection (Magill, ed. 253). Falling in love is one of life’s greatest pleasures and the government has taken that away. Montag and Mille even fall victim to this with their marriage, in fact, they do not even know how they met (Bradbury 45). This seems to bother Montag but Millie, who is more naive and has been completely brainwashed by the government, sees it as no big deal whatsoever. In fact, Mille seems to have seen it as a joke, which was apparent when she makes the remark, ‘Funny, how funny, not to remember where or when you met your husband ’r wife’(46). Another instance of government oppression resulting in …show more content…

147). People were becoming addicted to watching television and physically could not stop. Millie is a perfect example of how the exploitation of this technology affected people. Millie spent all of her time in her “living” room, which consisted of three televisions that occupied the whole wall, creating somewhat of a barrier between her and Montag (Bradbury 47). If it were not for Millie’s government-influenced obsession, Montag and Millie might have had the oppritunity to have a very loving marriage. The programs that were being shown also skewed both Montag and Millie’s ideas of family as both of them refer to the actors and actresses on the screens as family (47). One would expect only Millie to be guilty of this but Montag, who slightly rejected the ways of society, “...had taken to calling them family from the very first”(47). In addition to having her basic ideas of love and affection altered, Millie’s ability to think and remember simple events has been lessened by her excessive watching of television. One day, Montag had asked Millie what show she was watching and what it was about, but, even though she was watching it only a minute earlier, Millie was having an extremely hard time remembering what the plot of the show was (49). Due to her naivety, Millie has fallen victim to the culture being pushed upon her, and as a result she had

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