Central Intelligence Agency Analysis

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The Second half of the twentieth century was a period very serious political and military tension between to two main superpowers, the United States and USSR. This rise of tension was called the Cold War since no major wars occurred during this time, but both nations had the capacity and power to start another World War, had they both declared war on each other. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), was an organization created during the Cold War and had played a major role in counter-espionage and other major duties during the time period. During the time period of Cold War from 1950’s to 1990’s, the rise of the Central Intelligence Agency impacted the american society in a dramatic way. The CIA impacted the society starting from the controversies …show more content…

Donovan, who was the head and director of OSS, believed that the US government should create a new intelligence agency where the intelligence operation should not be controlled by other parties, but by the President currently in the office. He says that this would be a vital part of the national defense, and that the creation should be solely be in discretion for the President. The disbandment of the OSS was only the start of a bigger plan of national defense for the United States, the foundation and creation of the Central Intelligence Agency. After the end of the war and abolition of the OSS, US leaders planned to create a foreign intelligence that was capable of supporting the country’s new role as a superpower in the world. One of the US leaders Donovan, proposed [during a campaign between 1943 and 1945] for an establishment of a postwar peacetime intelligence that would report directly to the president itself. Many people however were opposed to this idea for many reasons, one being that many did not believe that the new organization should not report directly to the president. Others also believed that a foreign intelligence agency was a waste of money and resources. The creation of a new intelligence became a big problem in the US government since many people had diverging opinions about the establishment of a new foreign intelligence. "There is hereby established under the National Security Council a Central Intelligence Agency with a Director of Central Intelligence, who shall be the head thereof. The Director shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, from among the commissioned officers of the armed services or from among individuals in civilian life. The Director shall receive compensation at the rate of $14,000 a year". Section 102 of the National Security Act states

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