Central Station Essay

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The film “Central Station” focuses on an older woman name Dora and her journey along with a little boy name Josue in finding Josue’s father. I feel that the main idea of the film is the idea of self-discovery. Dora is a cynical person who isolates herself from the world, whiles the boy a stubborn but hopeful person who believes that his father will come back for him. This film is a south America film and an idea that was heavily focused on in the film is the idea of the father. The little boy is searching for his father, even though he is a drunk, whilst Dora’s father’s disappearance had a tremendous negative impact on her life. Throughout various points of the film, I feel that the patriarchal ideology of south America is imply, along with the idea of helping one’s self. The film also shows us that religion is significant in brazil because throughout the whole film, religious things are shown. It uses these things and other story techniques to raise the conscious of viewers and provide cultural guidance. As with most third world cinema. …show more content…

As in it does not sugar coat the poverty nor exaggerated it. For example, Dora is not super poor nor extremely rich. She works hard and tries to live day by day. When she took Josue on the journey to find his father, the viewer is also shown very desolate and poor places and average looking places. The film also does not hesitate to show some of the gruesome punishment for crimes in these areas. For example, a thief was immediately shoot without a trail or communication. Furthermore, the idea of human traffickers is also

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