Centrifugal Force Report

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Mechanics Practical Number 2 Centrifugal Force Apparatus HFC21 Objective: The object of the experiment is to verify that the centrifugal force varies in direct proportion to 1. The mass of the rotating body M (Experiment parts 1 and 2) 2. The square of the speed of rotation ω (Experiment part 3) 3. The radius of gyration k (Experiment part 4) In accordance with the formula; F = Mω2k Apparatus: Centrifugal Force Apparatus HFC21, Cast iron calibrated weights arranged as in Figs.1 and 2. Figure 1 Centrifugal Force Apparatus HFC21 Figure 2 Centrifugal Force HFC21 detail Theory: According to Newton's first law of motion, a moving body travels along a straight path with constant speed (i.e., has constant velocity)…show more content…
IMPORTANT: Ensure the CF shafts flow easily and smoothly through the end supports. Adjust if necessary. Record the force reading from the force display as the “tare” weight of the apparatus in table 1. This will not necessarily be zero due to the in house calibration procedure and the self weight of the system. Rotate the speed control potentiometer to select a speed of 50 rpm. Record the new force reading from the force display into column 3 of table 2. Repeat this for higher speeds by increments of 50 rpm up to around 300 rpm. Record all Reduce the boom speed and then turn the unit off before commencing with the next part of the experiment. Part 2 (Varying mass) Figure 3 0.1Kg CF weights added Snap out the CF shafts from their end supports and thread a 0.1Kg CF weight onto each CF shaft. Use the setscrews in the CF weights to secure them in position on the CF shaft so that the centre of each mass is at 0.150m radius from the centre of rotation of the boom (see image above). Record the zero speed load cell reading into table 3. Start the motor and select a speed of 300 rpm. Record the force reading from the force display into column 4 of table 3. Now thread a further 0.1Kg CF weight onto each shaft. This now makes 0.2Kg added to each CF shaft. Adjust the radius of both CF weights on each shaft such that the interface between the two CF weights is 0.150m from the centre of rotation of the boom. Run the motor at 300 rpm and record the force display
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