Chadwin's 5th Class Analysis

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I am Mrs. Lowery, Chadwin’s 5th grade teacher; he was a good student in the 5th grade for me. He always had a smile on his face. He always wanted to do his best and be his best. I did not have any trouble out of him. He and his classmates are very special to me. His class is the only class I can say that I taught almost all of them. That year in 5th grade, we all learned a lot about being patient and change. I think it made all of us stronger and better people. I will always have a special place for each of them in my heart. I know he will do his best as he goes to college. I wish him all the best and want him to come back to see me. The main thing I remember about him is his fashion for style. He was always dressed to a T. He looked sharp

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