Challenge Day Reflection: Toda Today

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Challenge Day Reflection
The ¨If you really knew me¨ group experience was really eye opening to me. The group was eye opening in the fact that you think you might know someone but you never really get to see the real them like you don't see the struggles they go through you just see the ¨mask/act¨ they put on for school so that they can suppress their true feelings because they don't want to feel weak around their friends so you think you might know them but you really don't.
When I had to share my ¨if you really knew me¨ statements I was very nervous because I knew they were going to be struggles to talk about and ever since I was in grade school I was teased and bullied for things that have happened in my life so coming into the group today I thought that same thing was going to happen because that is all i've been use to since I started school but today i got a very different response. The people in my group listened and related to some of the things I have or had gone through and were very supportive. I felt like since this we all kind of view each other different and it could be the start of great friendships. …show more content…

One of the people really impacted me they said that have a lot of issues with their friends like they may have 15 friends but they don't trust them. Only 2 of the 15 are they actually close with the rest they just show they 10% of themselves like the iceberg analogy. The statement really surprised me because when I had friends I always wished that my friends were like that person and their group of friends because i would see them do things together or see their posts on social media and it just felt like they were perfect and I wanted something like that when in reality they are humans just like me who struggle with the same type of issues as I

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