Support Group Observation

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Community-based support group observation and reaction paper is the first assignment that has to be completed for my class Social Work with Groups. In this assignment, I will discuss how I located the support group of my choice, what I was able to observe in the group session, and feelings or reactions I had during the process. This assignment will give a look into my first experience attending a real-life support group session from the other side of the coin. On this occasion, I was able to experience it from the point of view of a group member and not a facilitator which is definitely a shift in roles. Being able to go through this experience gives me the opportunity to experience a session firsthand and be able to observe and identify …show more content…

While I waited this elderly man came and put up a sign on the doorknob that read Al-Anon. At that moment, I found myself surprised that they publically pointed out what type of group was held in that timeframe. Finally, I went in to the auditorium which was this big space and right in the middle of this space was a circle. Within the circle there were cardboards that read different quotes or saying used a lot in the program and a small basket. As I got closer to where the people were standing it felt strange because nobody acknowledged my presence. I was looking kind of lost when I was received by the facilitator who was a friendly woman who called upon the group so that she could introduce me and gave me the opportunity to explain that I was a MSW student from Simmons College and my purpose of being with them that night. The facilitator explained to them that I was aware of the importance of confidentiality and that I was not allowed to take pictures or takes notes. She then led me to a seat in the circle and gave me a book so that I could participate in the reading of the 12 steps and traditions with the rest of the group. I felt intimidated and uneasy while I was introducing myself to the group because I did not get a reaction from them, thus, I was unsure if they were uncomfortable with my presence. Although, I perceived that they seemed to be a quiet group because when I initially entered no one was mingling,

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