Challenges And Opportunities For A Small Business Development

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Alexander Khutsianidze
August 4, 2015
Supervisor: Fran Yoshida
Senior Project
Word Count: XXXX
Challenges and Opportunities for a small business development in developing country

Table Of Contents
• Introduction- Page 3, o Third World Countries o Natural resources of Georgia o Import/Export
• Challenges- Page 4 o Financial o Political o Assembling a team
• Opportunities- Pages XX, Word Count- o Advantages (has to be 250) o Disadvantages (has to be 250)
• Conclusion o (has to be 250)

Starting a business is a multi-step process that can be overwhelming when faced alone. Regardless of businesses location, whether it is a third world or a fully developed country, launching and maintaining a healthy production can be a very complicated and perplex procedure. But with enough patience and knowledge, even the hardest dreams can be achieved. Looking around us we see countless of businesses flourish everyday, and even more to fail, preventing many people from taking a risk and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. But knowing what you want and where to look for it will guarantee a successful and fully developed commerce.
Many people in todays world think that it is better to start a business in a fully developed country, rather than a third world country, believing that in a third world country their investments are not safe and secure. However, an experienced and knowledgeable investor is aware of the existence of a huge potential in any

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