Challenges Faced By Prevention Of Malaria Essay

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Challenges faced in prevention of malaria
The use of the various interventions in preventing malaria infections and deaths has faced a number of challenges including;
• Knowledge gap
Knowledge gaps exists in the community and health workers when it comes to controlling and eliminating malaria. According to Raman et al. (2016), knowledge gaps exist on how the disease is transmitted, implementation of surveillance systems, and low perception of malaria risk. Likewise, Singh, Brown and Rogerson (2013) found out that there were knowledge gaps in antenatal care, use of bed nets and mosquito density when employing vector control as a malaria prevention intervention. Similar knowledge gaps have also been identified by the World Health Organization report that argues that most people in the sub-Saharan Africa cannot access diagnostic malaria testing and treatment because of lack of awareness in the community and among caregivers (2015).
• Economic Burden of Malaria on Health System
In sub-Saharan Africa, malaria costs makes up to 40% of public health expenditure with nearly $300 million being used to manage cases (Ntonifor & Veyufambom, 2016; World Health Organization, 2015). In a comparable study, Singh, Brown and Rogerson (2013) cited high costs as the key barrier to achieving optimal coverage of ITNs. However, while the World Health Organization reported fewer malaria cases since 2001, additional testing and treatment has driven up case management costs to $330

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