Challenges Faced By The Indian Banking Sector Essay

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The financial crisis in 2008 brought about drastic changes in customer behavior all over the world and encouraged customers to take a shifted action towards their needs and wants (Mansoor and Jalal 2011). In the age of globalisation, as no nation can keep itself aloof from the world economic volatility, India too, was affected significantly in economical as well as social dimensions. The economic turmoil had a profound impact on consumers (Flatters and Willmott 2009) and most of the firms including ones in financial sector faced serious challenges in satisfying the customers as they have became more skeptic and cautious. Even though, the Indian banking sector has performed extremely well over the last few years and has shown substantial resilience during the global financial crisis (Das et al 2011), new challenges are seen emerging from customers. The challenges posed are mainly due to changes in customer demands and diffusion in loyalty intentions due to low switching costs. The parameters critical in the imparting customer satisfaction in the banking context, thus demands re-definition and analysis for formulating strategies aimed at competitive advantage. Empirical evidences from studies conducted in various contexts underlines the causal linkage among variables such as perceived service quality and customer satisfaction on loyalty intentions of the customer. However, consumer behavior being complex in nature influenced by environmental changes,

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