Challenges Faced by Records Centres in Zimbabwe

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DISCUSS THE CHALLENGES THAT ARE FACED BY RECORDS CENTRES IN ZIMBABWE IN AUTOMATING THEIR RECORDS SYSTEMS. People frequently turn to technology because they find they can't manage their paper records. Either they are swamped by too much paper on site, or they can't find the documents they need, or both. By itself, technology cannot fix a records management problem; technology applications need a lot of research and planning to be effective. While automating records can be a valuable tool, there are challenges to integrating these technological devices into a record system. Tennessee State Library and Archives states that, a records centre is, “an interim storage and retrieval facility where inactive records of more than one agency may be…show more content…
Because learning with technology involves typing input into a computer, there is a disconnection between the assessments that determine government funding and the use of technology in the records centres.” To adequately prepare for these tests, users need practice with authentic assessments most closely imitating those of the standardized test. Waites and Knott (1992; 523) states that, “automating records present an added challenge to records managers in records centres because they must deal with users of varying computer literacy levels. Some users enter the records centre fully versed in the applications of a computer, while others come with no prior experience. It is difficult for records managers to deal with this vast difference and ensure that they provide users who need assistance with that assistance while not requiring capable users to slow their academic progress and wait.” Another challenge faced by these records centres in Zimbabwe in automating their records systems is that there is lack of support. Perderson (1987; 5) states that, “While technology can be a great addition to the records centres, it also can be a source of frustration for both the records manager and the user. Unless the records manager is well trained in technology and can support the hardware in the records centre, a technology expert will be needed to troubleshoot problems. If records centre cannot support the purchased technology,
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