The Electronic Medical Records Is A Complex Entity

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Healthcare is a complex entity that encompasses a variety of specialties necessary toward meeting the needs of patient seeking clinical services. There are multiple communications necessary to efficiently meet patient needs. For many years detailed documentation, progress notes, specialty consults, and physician orders have been hand written. The legibility of this documentation was often illegible, and difficult to decipher, which resulted in clarification orders and often delays. The electronic medical record was introduced approximately 50 years ago with an ultimate goal of compiling healthcare information for immediate and future reference (Keller, 2016). Since the electronic medical records was initially implemented multiple versions have since been created. Successfully implementing the electronic medical record, requires a great deal of research to ensure that the specifications align with the organization’s short and long term goals.
Need for Transition As healthcare continues to evolve, it is necessary that care provided is documented efficiently and without error. This documentation should be readily available whenever needed. The electronic health record is a database that provides a reflection of all care provided. This database would be beneficial to healthcare professionals providing care to new and frequent patients. Assessment documentation, physician orders, progress noted, and results review will be beneficial when comparing current assessments
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