Challenges Of Accountable Care Organizations

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The Affordable Care Act has created many opportunities for states to design and test new models of care delivery and payment that improve health outcomes, improve patients’ experience, and reduce health care spending ("The Promise of Care Coordination: Transforming Health Care Delivery", 2013). These new models include accountable care organizations (ACOs) and Medicaid health homes. A main component of these new models is care coordination programs, which allow providers and other members of the health care system to work together for the benefit of the patient ("The Promise of Care Coordination: Transforming Health Care Delivery", 2013).
Accountable care organizations (ACO) as well as patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) are two …show more content…

"Health information technology can be used to study or improve care coordination and its patient-centeredness. More pointedly, HIT provides an opportunity to organize disparate data sources into one cohesive, patient-centered record" (Steichen & Gregg, 2015, p. 34). With its ability to rapidly share health care information such as care plans and discharge summaries, clinical staff can make more timely decisions. Families will also be prompted to be more involved in the patient care due to the availability of current information and resources. There is no doubt that health care is evolving, and technology is creating new ways for us to stay connected, which is essential for successful care coordination.

Describe the methodology which supports the financial, ethical, legal, social support, and provider components of the care continuum.
Health care initiatives are focused on streamlining the patient care experience by ensuring improved communication among health care providers, individualizing patient care, reducing health care associated costs, and improving patient outcomes. Care coordination incorporates the health care initiatives into a process that is effective in all facets of health care from the hospital to the nursing home.
Care coordination is an integral part of current health care models, including the Patient Centered Medical Home Model. There are various sources that show the benefit of care coordination efforts in improving

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