Essay about Challenges in the Operation of La Senza

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An important part of the operations of an organization are the challenges that accompany them. An operations manager needs to work through these challenges and manage their time effectively otherwise the operations of the company could become inefficient. This can be a difficult task as a manger will likely never have time for everything and they will need to choose their priorities. (Zimmerman 2013) However in order to order to analyze the challenges that arise in the operations of La Senza it is necessary to know what operations are being disrupted, it is necessary to know how operations would be run without any problems. Through the interview with an operations manager at La Senza, it was determined that the most effective way to run …show more content…

As such the specific operations may change as often as on a day to day basis and the only way for employees and managers to be able to operate in a dynamic environment is to communicate very efficiently. In addition to the specific industry that La Senza operates in, their business plan itself includes many changes in operations. Depending the level of sales for example, managers could decide to change the business plan for the week, again altering the exact operations of the store. An example of this was given in the interview where a promotion had to be changed multiple times throughout the course of one day, these miscommunications negatively affected how the store operated that day and their goals were missed. The variability in the operations of a La Senza store create problems in communications which are what generally prevent operations managers from implementing the exact operations strategy that they want. The managers at La Senza are given many resources to help them work through and manage problems. One of these resources are the other managers and employees throughout the entire company. A store operations manager has access to many contacts whether that is another store operations manager, someone who works in another department or their district manager. This allows a manager to seek help from someone who may have experienced a similar problem. For example if the

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