Essay about Challenges of Caribbean Society in Achieving National Unity

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Challenges of Caribbean Society in Achieving National Unity

There have been many attempts for the Caribbean nations to come together as one, leading to national unity in the region. Some attempts at unity include: Federation, CARICOM (Caribbean Community), CARIFTA (Caribbean Free Trade Association), CDB (Caribbean Development Bank), UWI (University of the West Indies), CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council), and recently CSME (Caribbean Single Market and Economy), which is still in the process of being carried out. The Caribbean’s aim is to come together socially, economically, and politically and to try to work as one nation. However, there are many cultural differences between the countries,
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In government with all different religions on the leaders table, many arguments will come to, as with different religions come different values. For example, the Muslims would more than likely suggest that having more than one wife is not considered bigamy and would make it law that one could have more than one. The Christians would go against that, as they believe that only one wife is godly, and it would be extremely hard for a compromise to be made. As a single religion would be ideal for an amalgamation of countries to cooperate, and it would be impossible to convert everyone to any one religion, then religion is one big obstacle in the way of national unity.

Another issue, which is present, is the fact that in the different countries, different languages and dialects of languages are spoken. A language barrier is a serious impediment to the success of national unity. If proper communication cannot go on, then proper conclusions cannot be made, and any progress politically is extremely slow. Also, the people will not feel a sense of Caribbean unity, if they cannot understand or relate to their other Caribbean residents. Lots of segregation of language will occur if national unity was achieved, and that would deceive the whole idea of unity.

With many different cultures and religions, come many different festivals and bank
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