Change Management Of Information Technology Environment

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Change Management in Information Technology Environment – Procedures Ganesh Banda Wilmington State University Change Management in Information Technology Environment – Procedures Change Management can be explained as the process of implementing a ‘Change’ in any organization to meet or satisfy various constraints. Change management constitutes three aspects to deal with: adjusting to change (-building up an organized methodology for reacting to change requests in any Organizations), controlling change and effecting Change (-Organization ought to have the capacity to inspect the "change" proposed and focus the impact the change will have on the task in general before permitting the change solicitation to be actualized.).…show more content…
He focuses on the process as a whole and is involved throughout the process. His responsibilities include the following: • Receiving Request for Changes (RFC) and guaranteeing that they are legitimately recorded in the CM database. • Selecting individuals for Change Advisory Board (CAB) and arrange gatherings for them. • Prepare agendas for CAB meetings. • Analyzing and prioritizing the requests for change. • Categorizing, assigning change Coordinators, and scheduling RFCs, subject to approval by the CAB. • Providing change notification to the Change Initiator and other affected parties. • Monitoring the successful completion of all RFCs, including the change development project phases and guaranteeing that these procedures take after the change plan. • Reviewing and evaluating the change process. Change Initiator: The Change Initiator (typically somebody inside of the IT Business Unit) starts changes by presenting a Request for Change (RFC) to the Help Desk or the Change Coordinator. Change Coordinator: The Change Manager appoints (with the CAB 's endorsement) a person to be the Change Coordinator for a specific change - Change Coordinators will be appointed to every IT business unit. The Change Coordinator is in charge of arranging and organizing the majority of the stages of the change from start through acknowledgement and documentation. Change Implementer: Change Implementers are in
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