Change of Hearts-Small Group Project Essay

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Change of Hearts-Small Group Project My group consisted of four other members-Christy, Daniel, Brian, and Allison. When we were first introduced to the idea of a small group project we knew that our presentation had to entertain the audience, and at the same time inform them. At that point, we were functioning as individuals. Each of us tossed out a ton of ideas and some were shot down right away. That took about 5minutes. Then Daniel mentioned that we can do a parody of the television show Change of Hearts, and it stuck to us like glue. Gradually we began to feed into his revelation, and started to add our personal touches. Each of us became elaborators. For about 15 minutes we took the idea and expanded it to see where it could lead …show more content…

Then again, Christy volunteered to do all those things. Group members asked her if she wanted any help, and if she was sure that she didn't need the extra hand. In other words, to me it seemed like she wanted to bear all the weight on her shoulders. Christy wasn't appointed or elected. No one challenged her as she took on the position of leader in the group; therefore I assumed that no one had a problem with it. The leadership style that I thought the group conformed to was the democratic style. Christy, being the leader, approached us as a group about the views that were laid out on the table, and we chose which idea that was consistent with our presentation style. Each member was allowed to express his or her opinions freely, and I had enough trust in Christy to know which idea would or wouldn't work. Another way of explaining the scale of leadership is this by comparing it to the rank of power in the American Government. Christy is president, Daniel is Vice-President, Allison is the Secretary of State, and Brian is Secretary of Defense. I can't judge where I fit in there because that wouldn't be fair to me group members if I rank my self higher than what I really was. When we got together for our work sessions, as individuals we took on our roles of listeners, talkers, advisers, comedians, daydreamers, and so on. Of course the majority of the time we spent was covering the material, but at one point or another we would end up

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