Essay on Changes Brought About by the Civil Rights Movement

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Back in the time of 20 centuries, the society and government was not as stable as nowadays. People were under the control of unfair or inappropriate rules and laws. Some governors believed that their species are the best between humanity and some hated or look down on other species. Many people made unforgivable actions to those so-called under-level species. This picture shows a white police officer checking on a group of black teenagers that didn't do any crime, but just walking on streets. It shows that blacks were treated differently from whites, if white teenagers were hanging around on the street, the police officer wouldn't check them. All of the examples above can be concluded in one word, which is racism. Racism happened a lot …show more content…

The Court confirmed school combining to be a huge steps to reach Integration goals. It helped on education that remodels United States Community, which produced the African-American fresh social and business chances ( The Civil rights movement occurred mainly on South America, which is a place where Black American mostly live at and where unequal education, business chances and other public processes were very clear ( The person in this photo is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many people were suffering by racial injustice and social prejudice based on skin colors. During the Civil Right Movement of 1960s, a lot of people showed their supports to it. An honorable person that tried to improve the social fairness and national entitlement for America was Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King made a lot of action in Civil right movement between 1950 to 1959. He took part in Montgomery, bus boycott and many soothing actions which argue the unfair treats toward Black Americans. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 ( Supporters of Civil Right Movement were mostly led by King. Therefore he is an important and highly influential person at that period of time. Many towns were having problems and troubles because of the racial prejudice. This picture above shows the tired old town of Maycomb, racism happened a lot here. For example, a town called Maycomb.

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