Changes Brought about the Scientific Revolution

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1. In the Middle Ages, medieval people believed that God was the center of truth and experience; because of this, they greatly doubted human perception. Human perception was very inconsistent and deceitful, but this was because the material world itself was known to be misleading and illusive. Instead of it being a path that leads to truth and veracity, the material world was a distraction to people and directed them away from the actual truth. On the contrary, humanism was a mode of thought devoted to humans and their values and dignities instead of God; this system was focused around the importance of humans and reason instead of supernatural matters and religion. Humanism broke away from supernaturalism and believed that human perception and creativity were a truthful and reliable source for knowledge.
2. Before Arabic numerals were adopted, Europeans took advantage of the Roman numeral system, which was a system based solely on letters that indicated numbers, and this created a drawback for Western science and math. Because numbers were represented through letters, calculations were not a rapid and simple procedure. Particularly, complicated calculations were impractical, and confusion between numbers and letters was difficult to avoid, since Roman numerals were the Roman letters. When Arabic numerals were adopted, several advantages had arisen. Solving calculations, especially complex computations, became a process that was completed rapidly. With a place number

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