Changes From My Grandmother's Generation to My Own

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There is a big difference between life thousands of years ago and present days’ life. Every human generation beholds new changes in the pass through life, some of these changes continue to the next generation but the rest just remain in the memory of those who lived them. Sometimes we heard from the elders of the family how life used to be in their teenage and their parents teenage too. There have been a couple of times that when I go to my grandmother’s house I talk to her about her life when she was young and lived in Cuba. Things like family and teenagers, education, and technology used to be very different in that moment. The generation that I am living is quite different compare with my grandmother’s generation.
My grandmother spent his teenage between the end of 1930 and the beginning of the 1940 living in Cuba. Back in that time family was something sacred, children used to respect adults, the couples respected themselves, and family used to be first thing always. Nowadays must of people forget the family concept and put less important matters before family. With all the new liberties of the new world the couples do not respect themselves because is all about who brings more to the house, men do not respect women and viceversa. There is no more respect from the children to adults; they do not care if it is a teacher, their grandparents or their parents. With this modern way of raise the children that the parents give…
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