Changes In Japan Essay

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Vanessa Covarrubias
Dr. Kopp
CRJU 360
13 December 2017
Changes in Japans and South Africa’s Criminal Justice System
A Nations history has a strong influence on the way they decide upon new ideas and laws. Some countries undergo drastic measures in order to change their injustice ways. Japan and South Africa both endured historical events that shaped the way their criminal justice is now.
Japan underwent a historical event that eliminated their old constitution and originated a new one. During the Mejia restoration Japanese feudalism was overthrown, and Japan was introduced to Western political principles (Terrill, 2016). The Mejia restoration led to a transformation of an economic system, and from that Japan adapted their first …show more content…

Furthermore, with the reconstruction of the constitution it established a cabinet form of government with a prime minister and it created a new judicial system (Terrill, 2016). Additionally, South Africa also experienced previous movements that have changed their criminal justice system for the better. South Africa during 1948 -1994 underwent a long period of racial discrimination from the apartheid. During the ruling of the apartheid the blacks were segregated from the whites. The apartheid created policies in order to protect the white society from being overpowered by the number of colored people in the country (Kopp, 2017). They wanted a clear separation of blacks and whites. The apartheid becomes the top leaders of South Africa after the British declared victory of the South African war (Lovell, 2017). They created laws in attempts to segregate the blacks from the whites, for example, the apartheid constructed the native land act, which prohibited any interaction between the two races ( Lovell, 2017). The apartheid also implemented rules prohibiting black youth from having the same education as the whites and also forcing blacks to carry around passes while they were out in the streets. As a result, to this injustice implementation Nelson Mendela, Walter Sisulu, and Oliver Tambo formed an organization, known as the youth league (Lovell, 2017). The youth league would participate in boycotts,

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