Changes In Renaissance Society

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Change means to alter or make something different. Throughout global history, major changes have had significant and lasting impacts on human development. For example during the Renaissance, painting, poetry, architecture, and sculpture became very popular. These new achievements reflected Renaissance society by incorporating these new ideas into these popular concepts.
During the Renaissance, painting, architecture, and sculpture became very common. The reason that these concepts became so popular is because the artists were depicting a more individualistic view of the men and women in society. From there, the value of humans and their flaws/emotions were seen throughout many pieces of artwork, this is known as humanism. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci, also known as “the Renaissance man”, created the very famous painting,
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Many poems spoke about religion, the church, and the clergy, as well as the heritage of many different holy places. “Many works of Renaissance art depicted religious images, including subjects such as the Virgin Mary, or Madonna, and were encountered by contemporary audiences of the period in the context of religious rituals. Today, they are viewed as great works of art, but at the time they were seen and used mostly as devotional objects. Many Renaissance works were painted as altarpieces for incorporation into rituals associated with Catholic Mass and donated by patrons who sponsored the Mass itself. ( Staff. (2010). Renaissance Art. Retrieved May 24, 2017, from
The main focus of the Renaissance period was to promote self-actualization and one's ability to accept what is going on in one's life. This was expressed through many types of art, such as sculpture, painting, architecture, and poetry, where the artist used their work to capture the experiences and beauty of the natural
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