Changes Of The Constitution And Foundational Rights

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changes to the Constitution and foundational rights. The amount of protests, riots, and gun- related crimes would immediately rise. The prohibition of alcohol is a perfect example of this kind of protest. From 1920 to 1933, the United States instituted a nationwide ban on the production, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Citizens did not adhere to the new laws that were implemented. Alcohol was bought and sold on the black market and some even died trying to produce homemade alcohol. Criminals made millions on the underground alcohol ring. If guns were banned, the same issues would most likely occur. It would be extremely difficult to tell who owned what, even if the military went door to door and tried to collect guns …show more content…

Out of the 160 incidents, there have been 1,043 casualties- 557 of those were wounded and 486 of those were deaths. (FBI Releases Study of Active Shooter Incidents, 2014) The United States currently ranks first in the world in regards to gun ownership and accounts for over thirty percent of mass shootings across the globe. Many mass shootings have been carried out with semi- automatic military style assault rifles. Would banning these for civilians cause the numbers of mass shootings to go down or could murderers still execute the same amount of persons when armed with a few handguns? Numerous parties argue that criminals would just find other means of murder sans firearms. Murders can be carried out with other weapons such as machetes and even homemade bombs and have the same killing capacity as guns. Banning guns could potentially placate such violence or it could encourage criminals to find other ways to carry out sinister intentions. One thing to consider is the fact that most criminals know or assume that their victims are unarmed. Studies show that mass murderers also tend to set eyes on “soft targets”. Soft targets would be places with lots of people in one area with little to no security. Examples are schools, churches, movies theaters and so on. Gun right advocates will agree that the presence of armed civilians make criminals and terrorists think twice before committing a crime. Statistics support this belief. If a

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