Changes in Information Technology at Nations Trust Bank Essay

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A group of people working together to achieve a common goal is known as organization. They use the resources from the environment as inputs and process them to produce outputs. Conversion of inputs into outputs is known as production function. The products are consumed by the external environment in return for the supply of input.
Information system is a computerized system which helps to minimize the work load of employees and makes their work easier while giving précised output. There are instant changes in Information Technology in the day to day life. Therefore businesses should adapt to these changes.
Information system and Business organizations are interrelated to each other. Information systems are created by managers …show more content…

The branch occupies two storeys of a building, with a total staff of fifteen members which include the branch manager, assistant manager, senior banking assistant, banking assistant and trainees. The manager is responsible for maintaining a smooth flow in all the activities, besides looking into complaints of customers and their queries.


Discussion with the Manager, senior officer, trainees as well as some customers.

• Inconsistent view of customer data
Data inconsistency exists when distinct and colliding transcription of the same data show up in better places. Data inconsistency makes problematic data, on the grounds that it will be challenging to figure out which form of the data is right. It's troublesome to settle on right and opportune choices if those choices are dependent upon clashing data.

Data inconsistency is liable to happen when there is data repetition. Data excess happens when the data file/database index holds repetitive – unnecessarily doubled – data. That is the reason one real objective of great database outline is to take out data redundantly.

Bank tellers are the direct link between the bank services and the customers. Tellers handle with numerous things such as cash or cheque depositing, transforming money from one account to another, converting to foreign currency. In this situation some

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