Changing Customer Perspective Of E Commerce

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Changing Customer Perspective Changing customer perspective includes how online shopping has provided added value to customers as they are able to purchase products from anywhere in the world and are able to compare global market prices to find out where they can get the best deals and the cheapest products. When e-commerce was starting out, people were unsure about the level of service that they would receive. Since then, many laws have been made so that e-commerce organisations provide an excellent level of service and that customers can expect the same level of service as they would do in a high street store. Customer perspective has also changed on security issues and ease of using e-commerce websites. In the beginning, people were unsure about using their credit cards online because they were aware of hackers but now more people are beginning to use their credit cards online as they are confident with the level of security that the website and their computer has. In addition to this, more of the older generations shop online as they find it easier than having to go to the store itself. Economic and social impact due to speed of changes Society has been impacted by e-commerce sites and the speed at which things change online. Many products have become available online before they do in high street stores and many people use sites such as amazon to pre-order the latest and greatest tech gadgets so that they have them as soon as they are released. The other speed of change

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