Changing Landscape Of Health Care

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Changing Landscape of Health Care Health care systems are facing a changing landscape. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA) (2015), “experts have projected that multiple, intersecting pressures will drive the transformation of health care delivery and financing from volume- to value-based payments over the next decade.” The AHA further suggests that “hospitals must focus their efforts on performance initiatives that are essential in the short term and that will also remain critical for long-term success.” To meet this changing landscape and achieve long-term success, hospitals need to understand the shifts taking place, the current and potential challenges, and how to handle these changes. Culture of Safety An example of a current shift is the value placed on promoting the culture of safety. Culture of safety focuses on preventing or reducing medical errors and improving the overall quality of health care. While the thought of preventing injuries, death or unnecessary costs sounds simple, staff members who do not follow procedures put patients at risk. By monitoring a variety of outcomes such as infection rates or staff turnover, management can implement procedures to minimize the risk. Staff, whether they are on the front line or in leadership positions, should be able to discuss patient safety issues without the fear of retaliation. According to the Safety Attitudes and Safety Climate Questionnaire study by Bryan Sexton (2006), a high safety
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