Changing Role of Hr Management

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The Changing Role of Human Resources Management The ever-changing roles within human resources management (HRM), in response to trends, are from a dynamic environment and the importance of HRM. Every changing organization has a need for a HRM to respond and implement changes. The organizations driven by e-business and technology need to be ready to respond and adapt to the environmental changes and should focus on satisfying the company’s customer needs. In this role, the HRM contributes proactively to the development of global strategic plans and objectives. This essay will explain the changing roles in human resources management to the trends of: (a) globalization, (b) technology, (d) diversity, (e) e-business, and (f) ethics. …show more content…
Ethics In addition to being competitive, business professionals must maintain an even balance with the organizations ethics (Vickers, 2005). The HRM must create a business environment that is suitable with the company’s ethics policies. The HRM must maintain the interests of the stakeholders to an equal level without any discrimination. The first priority must be to the consumers’ best interest. To accomplish and maintain a balance between maximizing profits and maintaining consumers’ satisfaction, the HRM must make the business’s practices in such a manner.
Human resources management must be a major section within the business’s environment, which must adapt its roles to accommodate the ever-changing trends of the global practices. The HRM roles must not change for only a single aspect, but simultaneously alters according to all the factors. The most important aspect is in globalization. Other aspects like technology, as with e-business, makes the need for the knowledge of professionals within the HRM to be more technologically advanced. The ethics and diversities in business demand the management to maintain the vision of its employees to an equal level.
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