HRM case study: new director of human resource

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“ Ace Institute of Management ”
Assignment: 1
Case: The New Director of Human Resources
EMBA Spring 2013(2nd Semester)

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Raghbendra Kumar Shah Mr. Jayendra Rimal
Roll: EMBA 16 HRM Instructor

Date of submission: 10th March 2014

Question-1: Discuss the relationship between corporate human resources structure and operations at the plant level. What impact, if any, did that relationship have on the situation described by Newcombe?
After thoroughly study of the case of Mount Ridge Engineering’s corporate human resource structure and plant
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Question-2: How should Newcombe have handled this situation?
First of all Newcombe should investigate whether allegations made by Bud Johnson are true or not. A fair decision cannot be made without hearing from both sides in an unbiased manner. She needs to investigate if there were any fraction between Braxton and Johnson. After all investigations, if she finds that Braxton is to be blamed for all the mess, then necessary disciplinary actions should be taken against Braxton according to company’s policy. We can suggest some alternative solutions to Newcombe to handle this situation:
Correcting the leave reason for Johnson as per his request and don’t let the issue to go outside the organization.
Try to retain Johnson by incrementing reasonable amount in salary as he deserves higher salary as per his extraordinary performance.
Re-designing the termination form and process procedure. The HR department should be involved in the sign loop, employees should maintain the reason of leave and no revise of the termination form is allowed. For the process procedure, all termination forms should be feedback to HR department and the employees should have the interview with HR department as well.
Maintain a HR officer in each plant. If it is expensive, at least corporate office can train a person in each plant to
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