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Changing the ETP Approach to Writing
New Charter University

How does one go about making change to a large and prestigious English Teaching Program? The person approaching this obstacle will have to have a clear plan in order to move forward. They must have plenty of support to move forward with suggesting changes. When they have a large number of people that are accustomed to doing things in certain ways, there are going to be various forms of resistance from doubters. The person suggesting changes must move forward with having as many answers as possible to answer the questions from any doubters. They must also have a plan that shows the role of everybody would could feasibly be involved in this process. The person must also consider Kurt Lewin’s theories on how to establish change. Overall, the work that goes into the process of proposing change can be almost as daunting a task as change itself. However, if the process is executed properly, the entire organization can benefit greatly. Keywords: change, doubters, plan, involved, Kurt Lewin, process of change

Changing the ETP Approach to Writing The Fulbright Commission’s English Teaching Program (ETP) is located in Quito, Ecuador. Its student population consists mostly of Ecuadorian adults with occasional foreign nationals from other Latin American or European countries. The ETP is geared towards teaching its students academic and professional English in the areas of grammar,…
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