The Writing Center At Union Institute & University

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The writing center at Union Institute & University exists to help writers here at Union. We work in tandem with faculty to help students improve their craft of writing. Writing center tutors can guide students, helping them become confident, powerful writers. But for us to help them, students must be curious; they have to believe they can improve, and they have to be willing to work toward that end. As instructors, we must ask ourselves what we can do to facilitate these characteristics in students.

In 1984, Stephen North penned a landmark essay, “The Idea of a Writing Center.” In it, he wrote about writing centers’ struggles to be understood and emphasized the transactional, synchronous conversation about writing that most writing centers focus on as their mission. Current writing center scholarship still cites this article regularly. Its content has withstood the test of time, and the writing center experiences North transcribed are still relevant today. We work with many students who are well prepared for a writing center session, and of course, we have our regular clientele who clearly find value in our assistance. But we also frequently work with students who don’t understand what we do. Here at Union Institute & University, students send us brief emails, simply attaching a paper. Some include a note; some don’t. Sometimes students ask us to edit their papers or they’ll ask us to correct an essay and return it. Sometimes they tell us who they are;
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