Chapel Hill Grant Research Papers

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Introduction In this paper, I will provide an overview of the year 2007-2008 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In January of 2008, Homeland Security gave UNC a multi-million dollar grant to study natural disasters in coastal areas (Homeland security, 2008). Due to this grant, and the efforts made on Carolina’s behalf, emergency managers were able to have the latest scientific information to protect our coastlines and citizens. Carolina also used the grant to collaborate with other universities and agencies to conduct research. The outline of the grant was to provide UNC with about $2.5 million per year for six years, with the possibility for more, as the research developed. “[The grant] will help protect our homes, our businesses, our environment and
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Lovette drove the three back to Chapel Hill, where Carson was killed (Nizza, 2008). A childhood friend of Lovette’s testified against him in court. He relayed the information that Lovette told him in confidence regarding the kidnapping and said that before the men fatally shot Carson, she asked them to pray with her. Lovette and Atwater shot Carson four times in her body and one time in the head. Her body was found later that day in the middle of a Chapel Hill street. On August 26, 2008, 25-year-old Mohammed Taheri-azar was sentenced to 26-33 years in prison for an act of terrorism on UNC’s campus. He rented a Jeep and drove it through the most popular meeting place on campus, the “pit” (Carlson, 2008). Taheri-azar seriously injured nine people, but intended to kill many more. Some victims spoke out about their experiences. One victim, Larry Allsep, stated “When the jeep got close, I smelled the fumes and the gas.” He also said that he went up onto the hood and was thrown off. Allsep suffered many injuries from the attack, including a broken wrist and tail
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