Chapter 1 : A Short Story

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“Hey, Kat, I have an idea of where to look first.’’ Kat looked at me with her worried eyes and I told her my plan. “We can first check Salim’s favourite place to go,” I said. We ran around the corner and down the street to the nursing home where our great uncle Frederick resided. We burst into Frederick’s castle-like room and tore it up like a bull would in a china shop. Salim didn’t appear to be anywhere in sight, but neither did Frederick. He could barely even walk, let alone escape his room. We called Frederick’s son Sebastian to see if he knew. “Hello?” A raspy voice spoke into the receiver. “Hello Sebastian,” Kat said into the telephone,”would you happen to know where Frederick might be?” “Yes, we ummm...decided to try and take a …show more content…

We hovered there for a few seconds, contemplating whether we were dreaming or not. “This is crazy!” I screamed over the loud noise of people crowded down below us. We continued floating up in awe, nearing the top of the clock tower. “Let’s try landing on the clock hand” Kat suggested. We steered in that direction to the best of our ability and finally touched down. I heard the same screams we heard over the phone coming through the glass. “…” “We need to break through!” I said, “3...2...1!” We kicked with as much power as we could and shattered the glass into pebble-sized pieces. Kat climbed through the enormous circle to find Salim sitting in the middle of the room, tied to a vibrant purple wooden chair. The rope seemed to be infused into the legs and the back of the chair. “I know we learned about knots in boy scouts Salim, but this is much too complicated.” Kat and I worked for hours, but we still couldn’t free Salim from his prison. “Will, it’s morning!” Salim said, waking me up from my unpeaceful slumber. “Looks like we all fell asleep,” said Kat. “Not me,” Salim stated still sitting desperately in his chair. “We’ll try one more time, but then we’re going to get some help,” I said. Out of nowhere, the walls of the clock tower slowly slithered toward us, locking Salim, Kat, and I inside. “It’s gonna crush us!” Salim screamed. His voice cracked a little he was so scared. The wall neared us, then I had an idea. “Salim, it won’t

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