Chapter 1 : A Short Story

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The lock jiggled, and the door opened. Wildly, I looked for a place to escape, but even as I searched, I knew it was too late. The lavender robed figure was racing down. "Jared is that you?" Aghast, I stared at the moving figure like a deer caught in headlights, it was Gemma. "Gemma? How did you find this place? What are you wearing? Did you run into the Jester?" I fired. "The Jester? Uh--no, I don't really know how I got here. One second I was holding a candle, spilling wax and the next I was teleported here, just outside of this door wearing this. What is this place?" Gemma said, landing the last step and looking around. "It's the Jester's lair, quick, we got to get out of here," I urged, running towards her. Gemma nodded with …show more content…

"There's got to be another door around here," I said, tossing the paper, and I began to move my hands along the wall. As my hands traveled, I touched something cold and hard, a set of bars, a door. Then I paused as my mind registered what I was viewing, in front of me, was a jail cell and inside was charred bones. Horrified, I jumped back, and all at once, I noticed spaced all along the walls was thin prison cells. Inside each cell, were bones, black, burned, tiny frames. How did I notice these before? This must be where the jester stored all the children’s body. Immediately a mixture of fear and anger splashed on top of me like a bucket of ice water. We had to get out of here now. "Jared look." All too quickly, I whirled around. Gemma was pointing to the counter. She then closed one of the books, and on the cover, it was titled The Red Book. My eyes stared with disbelief, it didn't look anything like it. The cover was made out of metal with the title of The Red Book scratched into it. "This isn't it," I said dumbfounded, "This cover is made out of-- bronze? Ripping the book back open, I stared at the lines of text. "But if this is The Red Book, then this should take us back to the red room, transfer us back to reality. "Jared, do you hear that?" Gemma tensed, staring at the stairs. "Someone is coming towards the door." At that moment, I heard a rattling sound of the lock. Someone was trying to get in. We had to get out

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