Chapter 1 Apush Notes [America's History]

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Chapter 1: The New Global World Intro Before the French Natchez people complained that French treated them like slaves Before 1490s Natchez only knew their people 1502: Nicolas de Ovando replaced Columbus as governor of Hispanola His fleet of ships carried Span adventurers/African slaves which created triracial societies 1949--> Columbus unleashed 200 troops w/ 20 on horseback to terrorize the natives b/c he was upset he couldn't govern Also released greyhounds to rip indians to pieces French killed hundreds of Natchez and sold survivors into slavery--> forced to work on sugar plantations The Native American Experience The First Americans 1st movement--> Migrants from Asia crossed 100 mile wide land bridge that connected…show more content…
eritance developed among some eastern Indian peoples Men did not consider wives family No intimacy Religious rituals were centered on the agricultural cycle Tradition-Bound Europe European Peasant Society 1450- most people peasants Lived in small,compact agricultural villages surrounded by open fields Fields were divided inconveniently-->cooperative farming Community chooses what crops will be grown Manorial lands Land in exchange for weekly work on a lord’s land-->serfdom Used labor in exchange for rent/land Peasant output produced surpluses and created a local market economy The Peasantry Life according to season Agricultural year starts in March Spring: men shave wool-->women spin it into yarn June: cut hay and store it for winter food for livestock Summer: easy going Winter: killed extra livestock and smoked/salted meat Cold months: Wove textiles Visited old friends Celebrated winter solstice/christmas More successful conceptions in early summer Rural people die: in January/February -->viral disease August/September in epidemics of fly-borne dysentery The Peasants Fate Most peasant--> labor = survival Babies called greedy Girls were not fed as much as boys 1/2 of all peasant children were dead before 21 Malnourishment and disease Without many basic necessities of life the peasants turned to prayer Hierarchy and Authority Princes/Kings: Owned vast tracts of land Forced men into military Lived off of peasantry labor Local nobles:

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