Chapter 12 : Is That A Symbol?

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Chapter 12: Is That A Symbol? Accepting the fact that something is a symbol is easy. However, finding out what it means or what it stands for. Symbols can interpret more than one thing, we can only discuss possible meanings and interpretations. Symbols are not only built on associations readers have, but also on emotional reactions which captures the reader emotionally. f it isn’t symbolism, its allegory, which stands for other things on a one-for-one basis that convey a certain message. The cave is a symbol of secrets and mysteries represents mainly by how the reader engages the story. Keys: We want symbols to mean something, something for all of us Allegory fails if there is obscurity between the i) emblem, ii) the figurative construct. iii) the thing it really represents The message is usually hidden, the reader must find it out by themselves Symbols do not work neatly Actions can be symbolic Chapter 13: It’s All Political If literature isn’t Shakespearean or biblical, it is political. Foster wrote this chapter to convey to the readers that almost every story is inspired by the political problems that is around the writer. For example, a very old, and popular story, “The Christmas Carol.” Foster claims that the tale was really an attack to a widely taken political belief at the time. There are two different types of political writing. One is “I hate “political” writing,” this is the type that Foster dislikes because of their “primary intents to influence the
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