Chapter 19 Outline: Perceptions on Slavery Essay

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Chapter 19 Outline The different perspectives on slavery continued to cause arguments throughout the 1850’s. The attempts to settle slavery in peaceful manner eventually disappeared. By 1855, the territory of Kansas marked the beginning of violent disputes between proslavery and antislavery. Two years later, the Dred Scott decision caused even more tensions on the slavery problem. In 1860 the Republican party formed and nominated Lincoln for president who spoke much about the topic of slavery. All in all, the stage was being set for the civil war. I. Stowe and Helper: Literary Incendiaries: a. Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852 i. Inspired by the Fugitive Slave Law, Harriet Beecher Stowe writes …show more content…

In 1857 Kansas finally could apply for statehood because they reached an enough amount of people. Yet again the citizens would vote to make Kansas either pro or free slave state. The Lecompton Constitution is made to control free-soilers and appeal to the pro-slavery southerners. The constitution caused problems because obviously northerners didn’t agree with it. In the end the constitution was thrown off by free-soil voters. Kansas never becomes a state until southern states seceded from the Union. IV. “Bully” Brooks and His Bludgeon: a. Charles Sumner Senator of Massachusetts gives a speech and is afterward beaten by Preston Brook. i. In 1856, Senator Charles Sumner an abolitionist gives an elaborate speech titled “The Crimes Against Kansas”. In general his speech was like by Northerners and hated or looked down on by Southerners. Also in his speech he offends Senator Andrew Butler and two days later his nephew Preston Brook beats Sumner with cane until he is unconscious. V. “Old Buck” Versus “The Pathfinder”: a. James Buchanan and John C. Fremont are candidates for the election of 1856 i. The Democrats elect James Buchanan (Old Buck) and the Republican Party elects Captain Jon C. Frémont also called The Pathfinder of the West to run for the presidential election of 1856. Democrats campaigned for popular sovereignty and Republicans were against the expansion of slavery. The American Party/ Know-Nothing Party chose Millard Fillmore as

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