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Chapter 5: Building Healthy Relationships and Understanding Sexuality

This chapter discusses the different ways to improve communication skills and interpersonal interactions. Donatelle defines intimate relationship into four characteristics that include behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, emotional attachment and emotional availability. Most common intimacy relationship is from family, partners, and close friends that usually involve healthy and unhealthy characteristics. This chapter explains on how to improve the ability to communicate with others by learning appropriate self-disclosure, becoming a better listener, using non-verbal communication and resolving conflict through communication. Finally, this chapter discusses
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However, illicit drugs, also known as, controlled substances contains cocaine, meth, marijuana, etc. Eventually these types of drugs affect how people are seen in society. Those who are addicted to drugs can be sent to institutions that offer treatment programs and intervention. I have always been against any types of drugs because many times drugs OTC or prescribed drugs can be addicted for some people. I remember a time when I had a friend in school that every time we had a football game he would drink two Advil’s to relieve him from the pains that were caused through playing the game. I learned the different types of hallucinogens drugs especially about Psilocybin, a drug that has become popular in some parts of Europe that causes hallucinations and danger to those who consumes it. Also I learned the different kinds of drug treatments and recovery especially for college students. I agree how the book explains how educating young people on drug abuse can help fight drug abuse in the United States.
Chapter 8: Drinking Alcohol Responsibly and Ending Tobacco Use. This chapter defines alcohol as chemical substance that affects the body physically and mentally. In the United States nearly half of Americans consume alcohol with the majority being college students that abuse alcohol. For college student alcohol can cause severe consequences like academic problems, sleep disruption, unprotected or nonconsensual sex, and most common
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