Chapter 5 Summary

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While reading chapters 8-13, I made two predictions. Firstly, I predict that Tony will attempt to part company with his “rescuers”, Denver and Sean. The reason I believe this will happen is partly that Sean made it very clear that he does not enjoy Tony’s company. This might be because this camping adventure was supposed to be a simple and fun camping trip between Sean and his friend. In the chapter, Sean advertised that it would be so much more fun if it were just him and Denver and that he wished that Tony hadn't tagged along and that he was also slowing them down. All of these negative comments could lead Tony to leave and continue the hike on his own. Also, Tony had flashbacks about how he always depended on people to make decisions …show more content…

I related to this because the pranks in “The Trail” and the jokes that took place at my camp were quite similar - these events both happened at night and it was a simple joke that everybody laughed at. I know that when I realized that I finally pulled off a successful prank, I was ecstatic! I had a small feeling of pride, knowing that I pulled off a fun joke without getting caught! I am sure that when two boys raided Jake’s hut, they felt the same feeling of pride that I did when I accomplished a very fun but difficult stunt. Although, there was one difference: at my camp, we had to return the items that we “stole” from the boys, whilst in the book, the ones who successfully stole items got to proudly display the items that they robbed, in a glass case.

At the start of chapter 15, I thought of some questions. I wondered why Tony didn't go home as soon as he realized that he was feeling homesick. In the text, it said that he missed the smell of his grandma’s cooking and his playful puppy who was so loving. Maybe he didn't leave and go home because he thought that he might disappoint Lucas. Afterall, he had promised Lucas that he would complete the complex route on his own, even if Lucas was away at summer school. Also, he wrote a letter to his grandma after leaving home saying that he wanted to be alone for a little while and wanted to be able to take care of himself without anybody else worried about him for once. This could be

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