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I remember that it hurt. Looking at him hurt. I remember the pain, how it was so powerful it caused me to shift back into a human. I remember the thick scarlet dripping off the tips of my claws, how they changed to the gas I had poured all over my shaking exterior. I remember the expression on his pale face, how there were tears were falling from not just my eyes, but Froy’s too. The last thing I can remember was the light of the full moon. It was intensely bright, almost blinding when I turned my head up to the sky. Then everything faded to black. Being the only child of a single parent was never as much fun for us as other kids. My dad had a really bad drinking problem and was kicked out by my mom, who has to work all day and night to …show more content…

I was still trying to get this trick and nearly face planted, and instead of hearing my board come back down, I heard the sound of a wolf howling. There’s just one thing - there are no wolves in California. Before I could get up, something came and took what felt like a chunk out of my torso. All I could do was scream as I looked at the set of teeth marks that had torn through the skin just above my right hip, blood trickling down to my waist. It took me a minute to pull myself up, but I managed to find my way home, bandage my side, & fall asleep. The next day at school all of my senses seemed to be heightened. I was freaking out in all of my classes and finally caught up with Froy at the end of the day, only when I took the bandage off to show him the wound, it was gone. He kept making a joke about me turning into a werewolf. At first I just brushed it off; there’s no such thing as werewolves. But then I woke up trying to figure out how a second ago I was in bed, closing my eyes and rolling to lay on my side, only to end up in a pile of dirt and scattered leaves in the woods. I saw the light of the moon peeking through the trees, giving me a form of power I’ve never felt. That was when I really thought about it. All the noises and everyone’s voices were somehow amplified to the highest setting. I could see, hear and smell things I shouldn’t be able to smell. My adrenaline was at an all time high, I was overly aggressive when something even

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